Why Gilley Gray?

Gilley Gray is the stage name or alter ego for Jeff Holman, a Minnesota based songwriter, performer and videographer.

"A performer will often take a stage name because his/her real name is considered unattractive (or) dull," says Wikipedia. Or "to hide an individual's real identity." Gilley isn't hiding from anyone -- except maybe that one kid in 5th grade, who gave him his first bloody nose.

The fact is, almost every songwriter, singer, actor or author I like has used a pseudonym or stage name. Like my favorite songwriters, from Jacob Gershowitz (George Gerswin) and Israel Isidore Baline (Irving Berlin). Then there's Reginald Kenneth Dwight (Elton John), Roberta Joan Anderson (Joni Mitchell), and of course, Robert ZImmerman (you know him).

Like some of my favorite singers, from Anthony Dominick Benedetto (Tony Bennett) and Francesco Stephen Castelluccio (Franki Valli) to Walden Robert Cassotto (Bobby Darin) and Virginia Patterson Hensley (Patsy Cline). Or my favorite authors, from Samuel Langhorne Clemens (you know him) to Theo LeSieg (Dr Seuss).

Then there's my first love: Constance Frances Marie Ockelman (Veronica Lake - watched her movies as a kid when skipping school).

And my lifelong inspiration: Béla Ferenc Dezsõ Blaskó (Bela Lugosi).
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