It’s My Skin

A song about the unkindest cut of all.

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I had just been born
a couple hours ago
a healthy seven-pound baby boy
I knew I was my mama's pride and joy
Then all at once I felt such apprehension
Could there be something they forgot to mention?
The doctor, he came in
he had an evil grin
he said that it was time
to commit an awful crime
I had no choice, I raised my voice
I turned to him and said:

It's my skin, not your skin
please don't remove my foreskin
this circumcision thing is just a scam
if you cut my foreskin
I'm bound to have a sore skin
get out of here and leave me as I am

I'm bound to be shriekin'
I don't think we'll be speakin'
if you get out that knife and start to hack
This plan I'm rejecting
and frankly I'm suspecting
my rubber ducky's not the only quack

It's my skin, not your skin
Have pity on my poor skin
Oh why must you go on this cutting spree?
I'm perfect, you see me
and perfect is my wee-wee
Get out of here and kindly let me be

You really should thank me
I didn't hit you when you spanked me
Your evil plan I should have guessed back then
Just give me an answer
I ask you man to man, sir
why tamper with the thing that makes us men?

If I knew that this would happen
I'd have just continued nappin'
peacefully inside my mother's womb
It's a medieval custom
Doctors you can never trust 'em
Mom might say yes, but don't you let her
Don't say you'll kiss and make it better
Leave it alone
It is my own

It's my skin, not your skin
This plan I’m not endorsin'
You must be some kind of maniac
or are you just jealous
of all us little fellas
cause we are born with something that you lack?

They thought if you hacked us
it might prevent a practice
that people say can make a boy go blind
But there's nothing to that
We little boys still do that
and doctor even you can see just fine
Words and Music by Jeff Holman ©2014
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