My Little Man

The film "The Summer of '42" and stageplay "Tea and Sympathy" were among the inspirations for this song about a relationship that seems more common than it used to be (but probably isn't).

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Summer days
my younger ways
I left them behind
she came to me
with love on her mind
I don’t know why
I always sigh
each time I think of her name
nothing was ever the same

She would meet me after class
at a cafe in the city
she said baby it’s a pity
you’re 16, I’m 32
maybe we can figure out
just exactly what love’s about
you’re a sweet boy
we’ll be discrete, boy
give me your hand
now you’re my little man

She would meet me after class
an apartment in the city
she said, baby you’re so pretty
she said, I need a friend, don’t you
let me teach you how to kiss
not like that baby, more like this
no that’s no good
I'll teach you so good
isn’t it grand?
now you’re my little man

I’ll be your teacher and your sister
and your lover and your mother
until that day you come and say
that you have found yourself another
no other
one could love you
like I love you

Then one evening after class
how her eyes were soft with sorrow
she would have to leave tomorrow
she said, there’s nothing I can do
sometimes love is so unkind
sometimes love makes you lose your mind
someday baby
I think that maybe
you'll understand
now goodbye little man

one more kiss, dear
no, like this, dear
hey don't cry, little man
Words and Music by Jeff Holman ©2014