I Love You Comcastically

There's a lot of competition for worst company in America, but one there's one that always at the head of the pack. We'd all like to leave 'em, but you might say they've got us by the Comcasticles.

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You might not treat me the way that you should
There's lots of people who say you're no good.
But I don't mind
If you're not that kind

You keep me broke, but I pay and pay
to be with you costs me more every day
But I still don't mind
if you rob me blind

I wait all night on the phone
till I can get you alone
oh why, can't you see
You are the only one for me
I love you Comcastically.

You might not be there when we make a date
for each appointment, you're bound to be late
But I wait for you
all day, and night time too.

each time you put me on hold
I wonder why you're so cold
and why, can't you see
You are the only one for me
I love you Comcastically

maybe one day
I'll have finally had enough
maybe some day I'll be free
I'll go back to my antenna
I'll cut the cord, and then a
better world will wait for me
oh, so long XFinity
this heart of mine
is still online
and I just don't know what do
I'm so in love with you

The way you treat me, I don't understand
and though you say you'll be there on demand
I know it's a lie
cause you're in Mumbai

And though the thrill is all gone
each time you've got nothing on
that I want to see
You're still the only one for me I love you Comcastically
my broken heart and I agree
I love you Comcastically
Words and Music by Gilley Gray ©2014
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