They wouldn't believe it when I said I'm not her -- or her brother, her boyfriend, or her third cousin, twice removed. A series of phone calls and messages left over several months for a person I've never met inspired this short musical response.

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Are you looking for Brooke?
I don't think she will call you
I guess that girl's on the hook
for a whole lot of dough
I am sure that she's sorry she can't pay you
and she hates so to delay you
but you called here so, there's one thing, you should know…

You're never gonna see a penny
not by calling this number
you won't be getting a dime
you keep on calling so I'm
gonna tell one more
like I told you before
You are nothing but blood-sucking slime
so goodbye
but call again anytime.

(Repeat Chorus)
Words and Music by Jeff Holman ©2014