Songs to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable

These songs were written (and rewritten) over a number of years, and though some are few years old now, they don't seem dated. That's not necessarily a good thing -- one might wish the social issues address would be resolved one day.

But more than likely, our food supply will continue to be contaminated ("Salmonella Blues"), creditors will continue to harass deadbeats ("I'm a Deadbeat" and "Brooke"), religious leaders will continue to betray their vows ("Father McCoy"), teachers will still have affairs with students ("My Little Man") and Comcast will continue to compete for the title of the most hated company in America.
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Some of the songs that aren't posted here (but might be added one of these days) are even more likely to offend someone -- and have even longer, more unwieldy titles. Titles like: "I Used to Think I Had It Made, Then the Girl Next Door Got a Window Shade" and "When Daddy Gets Hammered, Mama Gets Nailed."

There are also some love songs, also not here. I still love one or two of them.

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I Love You Comcastically
Each time you put me on hold/I wonder why you're so cold

The Salmonella Blues
There's something that could kill you in every single dish

I'm a Deadbeat
There's some bank in South Dakota/I ain't paid one iota

My Little Man
She said baby, it’s a pity you’re 16, I’m 32

It’s My Skin
It's my skin, not your skin/please don't remove my foreskin

Father McCoy
When someone lights his candle/ it's more than he can handle

My Baby Used to Love Me So Doggone Sweet
She said that I was lyin’/ the plates a-started flyin’

You're never gonna see a penny/not by calling this number